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True expression

of terroir

some history

VENTOLERA is a Spanish word that refers to a strong sea wind. Located in the heart of the Leyda Valley, in a place called San Juan, 12km from the Pacific Ocean, the wines are characterized by their "salty flavour".

At 1999; Vicente Izquierdo Menéndez - a renowned Chilean businessman - decides to bring water from the Maipo river 10 km away and plant the first vineyards in the Leyda valley transforming itself as the 1st winery to plant in this valley.  

Initially, the objective was to produce and sell all the grapes, but in 2005 the first wines began to be produced in third wineries and under the oenological advice of one of the leading Chilean winemakers, Ignacio Recabarren. The results were extraordinary from the start and all the wine in its early years was sold exclusively to the UK.


In 2008 Vicente Izquierdo Menéndez built inside the vineyard, a small modern boutique wine cellar, designed to maximize gravity-based processes with the latest technology. Ventolera was founded this year.

By the year 2011, Vicente decided to give it a greater commercial boost inviting Stefano Gandolini to join the project  as partner and winemaker.

The entrance of Stefano, started with identification and selection of the best quarter through a study of soil profiles. Thus he managed to separate the harvests based on quality for each strain of wine and harvesting at the peak of their maximum aromatic expression.

« Our wines live and breath the sea, the influence of which is what gives them such nervous clarity, aromatic depth, delicious balance with layers of flavors that slowly evolve in the glass. All our wines capture the elegance and minerality of the granitic soil, in order to deliver wines with great complexity »  - Stefano Gandolini

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