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Ventolera árbol




Leyda Valley

«There are places in the world, which can be described as unique.

They are consequences of climate, soil and vinyard management»


D.O Leyda Valley

Careful site selection for unique wines and high respect for original flora


"Located just 12 km from the Pacifc Ocean, Ventolera aims to represent the essence of its soil, cool climate and culture by making ultra premium wines that are the True Expression of Terroir. Hence, its winemaking starts in the vineyard with the commitment of producing the best grapes, always in harmony with the environment."

Chilean Coastline/ Cool Climate

Pacific ocean / Humbolt current

  • Cold water from the Pacific Ocean pushes a cool breeze into the valley (12pm - 4pm)

  • Exceptional cool-oriented wine region with high-solar exposure (twice as much as Marlborough, New Zealand)

  • This wine region has no frost problems

  •  In the summer, the maximum day temperature is 27 Cº 

  • Thermal amplitude is 13 Cº

  • Average humidity of 50%


Leyda Valley

Cool Climate

Quality Factors

Leyda Valley’s high level of humidity (50%) is a very important climatic quality factor that makes the difference for some grape varieties like Pinot Noir.

Cool temperature helps concentrating complex flavors and keeps high natural acidity

« Our wines live and breath the sea, the influence of which is what gives them such nervous clarity, aromatic depth, delicious balance with layers of flavors that slowly evolve in the glass. All our wines capture the elegance and minerality of the granitic soil, in order to deliver wines with great complexity.» 


Top & Sub Soil


  • Roots penetrate into bedrock cracks

  • Shallow top soil

  • Poor fertility sub-soil and very good drainage

  • Natural balanced vines, with small bunches


Different  soil profile

Sauvignon Blanc

Rich in clay, high water retention and great canopy development that is essential to obtain high quality Sauvignon Blanc.

Pinot Noir

Granitic soil, medium water retention, low fertility, moderate canopy development that is essential to obtain high quality Pinot Noir.

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